To: Clavet Community (Volunteers, Step it Up Dance Club, and Participants) in connection with our 3rd (2019 ) Senior's Day Celebration.

As a small group of volunteers it was decided that we would carry on with the Senior Day Celebration in the Village of Clavet that Car Lobbes helped start a few years ago in recognizing all those who were a part of helping building and sustain our community and area around Clavet. It is a national day of recognition of seniors by which Clavet's small part is having our community come together and share in food and games for families to enjoy.

We lost a great man of character and compassion from our small village this past year and it is in tribute to him that we hope this event will continues as an annual celebration — not only to support Cor's ideals, but to the community of Clavet itself, which is what he would want for all of us.

It is with donations from various local businesses and personal that helped make this day the success that it turned out to be. The prizes given out when Bingo was played were bountiful and it is with heartfelt gratitude, from the volunteers, that helped run the event, which we appreciate all that was given to our committee that made it all that it was.

As a committee we would like to thank the following people/businesses that so graciously donated prizes for our Bingo that definitely brought a lot of smiles to those who went home with prizes. They are as follows:


Clavet Service Station

Clavet Café

Clavet Minor Football

Step It Up Dance Club

Clavet Hotel & Lounge

Dianne Joyes

Lynn Neovard

Lalonde Honey Farms

Vickie Jensen  

 Christie Jensen

 Gwen Lafond

McGill's Robertson/Morrison Family

Sandra Mangatal


We would also like to thank the "Step It Up" Dance club from Clavet that ran the BBQ as a fundraiser for us on this day. The dance presentation was also something that we enjoyed seeing as talent is evident throughout Clavet and it was great to see some of it. It was definitely appreciated by not only the committee but the people who got to enjoy the great food and entertainment. By the Dance club taking on this endeavor, it freed up our hands to help with the many "behind the scenes" tasks that had to be taken care of. Thank you again "Step It Up". Your effort on this day will be remembered and appreciated by everyone.

Another huge thank you goes to the Clavet school students (thank you Alexis Halldorson for this. suggestion) who came to do some volunteer hours for our event. Without their help in setting up and cleaning tables and putting them away, we would have been there for a longer period of time.

In no time we were able to pack up the remaining items and leave which was greatly appreciated by all. This will definitely be something to consider/remember for next year's event.

And last but definitely not least, we want to thank you Cor for this idea of having a day for our community of Clavet. Without your compassion, dedication and love for our village we may not have had this event take place. It is with holding your love close to heart that we, as a community of

Friends/family that we will continue to have this day of celebration for as long as we are able to put it on. You are much loved and definitely missed. In a statement made at your memorial service — rest well, play golf and know that we'll continue to be there for you in memory and love. Much loved and greatly missed.

Thank you again to all who helped celebrate this day and I'm sure that Cor had a big smile seeing the kids enjoy themselves. It is for him and you that we'll continue to plan this event.

To the committee itself— it does not go unnoticed that your time and effort in helping put on this event involved work on your part. Unfortunately I had to attend a funeral that weekend of a dear friend and was not able to attend but loved the videos and messages I periodically received on the day. Thank you Mayor Spencer Beaulieu for reading my thank you to the group. Your help in doing this meant a lot to me.

I enjoyed every minute and consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful group to work with. There were some good laughs shared by all of us in this undertaking. Take care all and hope to see you at the celebration next September. Love to all.( submitted by Sandra )

Sandra         Margaret

Dianne          Lynn

Alexis          Christie 

Vickie          Sam

Pictures of Senior celebrations 2017-2019