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July - Message from the Clavet Volunteer Fire Department


As we approach week 26 we are getting to the halfway point for the year.  Clavet Fire has responded to 29 calls in 2020.  We are very lucky that during a time where more people were staying at home that they seemed to be staying safe.  Our call numbers for the month of March and April were lower than we expected them to be.  Great job of being a safe community of Clavet!


Clavet Fire Rescue along with the RM of Blucher put a new ATV wildland unit into service this spring.  It performed very well at the fires it responded to and the members are very excited to have this new tool in the tool box.  This was a project put together by the members of Clavet Fire Rescue.  Through assistance of a number of businesses connected to our members and an abundance of time, our team had Wildland Unit W721J ready for when the snow melted. Big thank-you to Cargill, Cervus John Deere, Collision Plus, Tanner Frain, Sea Hawk, The Tractor Company, & Tim Frain.


We are also very thankful for the team at Cargill. They have blessed us many times in the last few years and once again through a very generous donation we were able to upgrade a number of our battery powered tools for use on rescue and fire calls.  This business has been a huge supporter of Clavet Fire Rescue.


Training has picked up again.  We had 5 new members start in February and they are eager to continue their training and become full members of the department. The more senior members have enjoyed working with these new recruits to go back to basics and refresh their own knowledge.  We take a lot of pride in knowing that our members are the best trained they can be.  We want to be the responders that we expect to show up to our house in a time of need. Because sometimes we do.


The department had planned to host a fun day/open house event this spring. Unfortunately it had to be postponed, but we will be sure to let you know when we can make things happen again.  Our open houses during Fire Prevention Week are a favourite for young kids and firefighters alike.


Our Scholarship Committee awarded the 'LiveForMe' CFD Scholarship to a Grade 12 Graduate this month.  Stand by for pictures and official announcement to be made. We congratulate the winner and all the other applicants.  Our community has a great group of future community leaders and volunteers.


For any fire department inquiries or concerns please reach out to Fire Chief Mike Beamish. 306-261-5548,


Clavet Emergency Measures Organization  ( EMO)

  • Emergency Measures Organization  ( EMO) Coordinator - Pamela Bueckert

  • Emergency Measures Organization Assistant Coordinator -  Darin Derbyshire  


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