Clavet Fire &Rescue


Fire Chief - Mike Beamish - 306-261-5548 or email at


Deputy Fire Chief - Tyler Bueckert

Clavet Fire & Rescue "Live for me CFD" 2021

Do to COVID restrictions the panel submitted a video presentation to the graduating students of Clavet High School instead of visiting in person.  If you have a graduating student encourage them to apply for this scholarship based on the impact they've already made in school or community through volunteerism.   Forms are available at the school and the Clavet Fire FB page.   We're proud to partner this scholarship with Matt & Sandy Erixon.


January 2021 -Clavet Fire Rescue meets to train every second Monday night throughout the year.  To be the best prepared we can be, and to be as realistic as possible you will sometimes find us out in the community on these nights.  Please do not be alarmed and feel free to watch and observe the crews.  They will do their best to avoid disrupting your evening. For more information about the fire department or if you have any concerns please reach out to Fire Chief Mike Beamish at 306-261-5548 or

Support the Clavet Fire Rescue -  T shirt fundraiser - check here for details

Clavet Emergency Measures Organization  ( EMO)


Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Coordinator - Pamela Bueckert

Emergency Measures Organization Assistant Coordinator - Darin Derbyshire  


EMO 2020 Year in Review

Our group has been focused the past 14 months since I became EMO Coordinator on learning ICS, getting their Provincial certification ICS 100, learning about the Provincial Acts and how EMO responsibilities interact within them through table top scenarios and discussions.

We successfully set up a designated EOC,  Emergency Operations Center, and the members are becoming familiar with the provincial process.  Through this process any provincial SPSA member or any mutual aid EMO member could step in and work with us in an emergency and vice versa any of our members could fill a roll in the province or mutual aid as required.  We started a Clavet Emergency Management Organization Facebook page to share important updates.  Two of our members are taking certification in Sask Alert (down load the app).  Our EMO continued it's involvement with SEPA, Saskatchewan Emergency Planners Assoc.

A large portion of our meetings were designated as COVID-19 information and risk assessment similar to many groups in the province.

Prior to my two-year term ending, Sept 2021, it is my goal that we have the 5 SPSA plans completed and in place to form the required replacement of the Clavet Emergency Response Manual, 2017, not in congruence with ICS nor the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency. We will finalize The Community Emergency Plan,  The Council Emergency Plan,  The Emergency Information Plan, The EOC  Emergency Plan, and The Evacuation Plan as laid out by SPSA within compliance of Saskatchewan's The Emergency Planning Act,  1989, The Public Health Act,  1994, The Fire Safety Act,  2015, The Wildfire Act, 2019, and the Village of Clavet Bylaws.  



Some of this work for the 5 plans is well under way due to the success of our table top exercises. As a volunteer committee we'll be reaching out for more members, either to sit on the committee regularly or to fill designated auxiliary roles within the plans.  Please contact the office if you're interested.

Thank you to the Village of Clavet councilors for ensuring this government mandated organization has the resources it requires to succeed, but most especially, thank you to the members of the Clavet EMO for your extraordinary volunteerism as you seek to serve the residents of Clavet in emergency preparedness.  Darin Derbyshire, Spencer Beaulieu, Shaun Parfitt, Deidra Parfitt, Chad Hunt, Andrew Bueckert, Murray Tiegen (Jeannine who often attended as a resident), our representative Fire Chief Mike Beamish and representative PSSD Peter Schmidt.  A special thanks to those whom served previously and stepped down in the past year, Sandra Hersikorn, Julie McEachern, Sandra Mangatal, Blair Bentley, Ian McMahon and Jim Lesser.


Pamela Bueckert

EMO Coordinator