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The Village of Clavet -  is looking for a Mayor    (see attached Ad)


Call for Nominations are open for this position from Jan. 14 to Feb. 3  at 4 pm


Forms are available at the Village Office for pick up or we can email you the forms.

A Disclosure Statement must be submitted with your Nomination papers.


If you have questions about this Position – Please call the Office at 306- 933-2425 for more information.


Next Regular Council Meeting will be: Tuesday  Feb .2 and Feb. 23  2021 at  7pm ---- via Zoom   due to Covid Restrictions.

Any Person wishing to talk to Council is required to contact the office the Friday before the meeting by 4 pm - to make arrangements to set You up as a Delegation to discuss your item. Items are to be in Writing so Council and Staff can prepare for your questions.

Council - Christine Plemel-Busby Acting Mayor, Jenn Samoleski Deputy Mayor, Councillors: Tari-Lynne Beamish and Spencer Hoehn.

Village of Clavet January 2021 Newsletter - click here 

Outdoor Rink - Open from 8 am to 10 pm only 

Persons on the Ice outside of these hours will considered - Trespassing 


To use the rink you must 

Wear a mask

Keep 2 meters apart ( non family bubble )

Maximum 10 people  on the Ice at one time 

No shinny - no game play 

No food or drinks allowed 

If these rules are not followed- the Village will have no choice but to close the facility 

The outdoor rink lights will be turned off at 10 pm 

Check here for the Saskatchewan full website for more information on Covid- 19 

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